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Standards Work in Progress

The BMI’s combined activities continue BPMI’s and OMG’s groundbreaking work and focus on all aspects of Business Process Management. BPMI’s widely used standard for business modeling, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), and the Business Motivation Model (BMM) contributed by the Business Rules Group, have been adopted as official OMG specifications.

The BPMN final adopted specification is available for download, while the draft adopted BMM specification is downloadable. Both specifications are in the finalization phase. The specifications are available for download from OMG's specification catalog, http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/spec_catalog.htm. Separately, a new standard defining the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR) has been adopted. The Final Adopted Specification may be downloaded from OMG’s Domain Specifications Catalog web page.

Anyone interested in participating in the BMI’s standards development efforts is invited to attend an OMG Technical Meeting; check here for the dates and locations of upcoming meetings. Non-members may apply for a guest registration. For more information on attending the technical meeting, visit http://www.omg.org/meeting-info.htm.

BPMI Steering Committee

BPMI’s Board of Directors, along with the leadership of the OMG’s Business Enterprise Integration Domain Task Force, form the core of the BPMI Steering Committee, which provides Business Process Management thought leadership and expertise for the entire industry through education programs, public advocacy, and advice to the combined BPM standards work at OMG. Phil Gilbert, Lombardi Software, phil.gilbert@lombardi.com is the current chair of the Steering Committee.

Who is Involved

BPMI members who have joined OMG or were already members of OMG include: Adobe Systems, Inc., Axway Software, BEA Systems, Inc., Bluespring Software, Inc., British American Tobacco, BroadVision, Casewise Systems, Inc., CommerceQuest, Inc., ConceptWave Software Inc., DST Systems, Inc., Exigen, Inc., Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., Fair Isaac, Inc., FileNET Corporation, Flowring Technology Corporation, Fuego, Global 360, Inc., Graham Technology, PLC, IBM Corporation, IDS Scheer, Inc., iGrafx, Inc., ILOG, Inc., Infosys Technologies, Ltd., Insession Technologies, Intalio, Lombardi Software, MEGA International, Oracle USA, Inc., Meridea Financial Software, Ltd., Pegasystems Inc., Proforma Corporation, QoS Labs, LLC, SAP AG, Select Business Solutions, SeeBeyond Software, Singularity, Ltd., Sterling Commerce, Inc., Telcordia Technologies, TelelogicUnify Corporation, Vignette Corporation, Vision Software S.A., Vitria Technology, Inc., and webMethods, Inc. as well as the many active OMG members of the Business Enterprise Integration Domain Task Force.